5 idee salvaspazio di design per la cameretta

5 space-saving design ideas for the bedroom

How to furnish a small bedroom? When it comes to small spaces, the solution that really makes the difference is the choice of bed. Here are the best models to make room in the nursery!

If you think that the bedroom is a difficult place to furnish, this is where you will change your mind! From modular bunk beds to loft beds, the space-saving solutions to exploit even at home are many. Here then 5 space-saving ideas to be inspired by:

1. Furnish vertically

Study corner in a small bedroom? By using space vertically, you can! If your child is the right age to start school, then put them on the list to-do a model of loft bed with desk like that of the Dutch brand Bopita. Space will no longer be a problem with this simple and compact structure, which provides an area dedicated to study under the bed, but also to recreation and relaxation! Equip it with a sliding bedside table and it will become a truly functional space.

Space-saving ideas

2. A bedroom for two 

What if there are two children? If you want to optimize the space in the bedroom and at the same time give your children a dream, the LifeTime Family bunk bed is the one for you! A solid and sturdy two-story structure, which brothers and sisters can use for sleeping and playing. The detail that makes the difference? The fun side ladder, whose steps can be used as practical space-saving containers!

3. A space for play

The bedroom, you know, is the realm of games and dreams. So why give up an area dedicated to recreation? The trick is to focus on one loft bed using the space below as a playground! Just add one colored tent and, why not, a carpet and soft cushions, to create a fun refuge where you can let your imagination run wild. On occasion, you can also use it as an extra space for your children's toys, shoes or school supplies!

4. Make order with space-saving drawers

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the winning ones: if you have to deal with a reduced footage, the advice is to opt for a space-saving bed with drawers. You can use it to store linen, towels, and in general everything that would not find space in the closet. A valid solution also to facilitate the fateful change of season, placing the clothes in special boxes or vacuum bags.

5. Bet on the modular

The secret of a well-appointed small house? THE space-saving furniture transformable, or those solutions that change function according to our needs.

As the bunk bed by Oliver Furniture, which allows you to take full advantage of all the space in the bedroom and to furnish it with the unmistakable style of Scandinavian furniture. A versatile bed, which can be converted into a mezzanine or split into two single beds; perfect for rearranging the space of the little ones over time.