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Piastrelle Adesive

Change the look of your home with adhesive tiles

Change look on your walls without removing old tiles?
Discover a practical and low-cost DIY solution to cover old kitchen or bathroom tiles and bring your style into the house

Adhesive tiles: ideas if you are renting

Le adhesive tiles they are a practical and low cost do-it-yourself solution to bring your style into the house, without having to change the apartment and finally transform it into the place you have always dreamed of, even if you are renting. 

When an environment has already been furnished, in fact, in most cases you have to come to terms and live with a style that does not reflect us. From retro kitchens, cold and without personality, to tiled walls with unimaginable colors, you can hardly experience the feeling of feeling truly at home when you return in the evening.

If you know what we are talking about, read our article and find out how simple and fun it can be to recreate your favorite style! 

Kitchen adhesive tiles

The kitchen is one of the environments in which we spend most of our time, especially if our apartment is an open space. It is also true, however, that this is the most difficult room to personalize, especially if the one for rent is a dated kitchen.

The first step to rejuvenate it and make it more modern? Work on the splash guard of the kitchenette.

Thanks to the self-adhesive film and the covering effect, the adhesive tiles they can be applied directly on top of the old ones that have been ruined by time, without having to remove them and thus updating the style of your kitchen. Resistant to fire, water and heat adhesive tiles for kitchen, in addition to being aesthetically impressive, they also have many advantages from a practical point of view: they can be easily cleaned with a common degreaser (or neutral detergent) and a damp sponge.

Choose between the vintage effect, modern or, why not, the terrace, latest trend in home decor!

Adhesive Tiles

Photo credit by oldbrandnew.com

Pvc tiles: how to apply them

Le pvc tiles, are the ideal solution for covering the kitchen walls and covering old tiles without having to remove them with the help of a professional.

Applying them is very easy:

  1. Make sure the surface of the tiles you are going to apply tile stickers is clean, removing all dirt and dust residues;
  2. peel off the protective film from a corner and apply the adhesive with great care starting from the top, using a spatula or cloth to avoid air bubbles;
  3. if you have chosen an adhesive that corresponds in shape and size to a single tile, apply it by matching the angle of the adhesive with that of the tile, leaving the joints uncovered for a better aesthetic result.

Even removing them is simple: they can be detached or replaced in a few minutes, without ruining or leaving traces on walls and surfaces.

Adhesive bathroom tiles 

When you decide to improve the appearance of your interior, the bathroom is always one of the most tiring and expensive interventions. But if you got tired of the anonymous style of your walls, with the self-adhesive tiles you can completely revolutionize them without spending an eye on your head.

- bathroom tile stickersin fact, they are specifically designed to resist water and humidity, they can be applied close to the sink and even in the shower cubicle without the risk of them coming off.

Here too you can choose the style that best reflects you, without being afraid to dare a little, for example with a touch of jungle style, for a bathroom with a great personality.

It takes very little to bring your style and a touch of personality even in a rented apartment. And with the adhesive decorations signed Decochic, you can finally turn it into a place to call home!

Photo Credit pecansthomedecor.com