Cameretta montessoriana: 5 must have per arredarla!

Montessori room: 5 must have to furnish it!

A child-friendly room that helps you grow.

From the right bed, to the lights, from the bookcase to the play area, here are the 5 furnishing elements that are indispensable for furnishing the Montessori style bedroom! 

If you are a mother, you will certainly have heard of the Montessori method, the pedagogy aimed at promoting the autonomy of the child, based on respect for its natural physical and psychological development. 

The idea behind this philosophy developed by the educator and educationalist Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century is to give him the freedom to choose and act in an environment that is as suitable for him as possible. 

If you are curious to learn more, in this article we will explain how to apply the principles of this method to furnish the center of the world for your child, or the bedroom!

Montessori bedroom: spaces suitable for children!

Furnish your child's bedroom according to the Montessori method, it means first of all creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere, choosing neutral colors, pastel shades and natural materials such as wood. Based on 4 principles - freedom, learning, self-discipline and respect for the child's rhythm - the Montessori method is applied through objects, furniture and the organization of the environment. THE'Montessori furniture it must be installed at the height of your child and arranged so that it can grow independently, dress, play and go to bed without the help of adults. 

The bedroom should be as quiet as possible and designed to make it feel safe and secure.

To succeed in creating an environment of this type, according to the Montessori method it is essential to divide and delimit the space of the bedroom in separate 3 zones, each dedicated to a specific activity:

  • Sleeping area: forget the beds with bars and choose a bed low bed for children, fall-proof! As emphasized by theMontessori furniture, it is very important to create an environment that encourages your child to grow at his own pace and learn with confidence. With this model, you can go to bed by yourself and get up without the help of mum and dad, in complete safety. 
  • Change Zone: Starting with the 18 months, your child can start dressing himself. To encourage him to be independent, you can leave some clothes to choose from on the bed or on a coat rack. Teach them to wear them and then let them do it ... you will be surprised by the speed with which your child will want to do everything by himself! 
  • Zone dedicated to the game: all the games must be at hand, so that it can manage its activities independently, without having to ask for help. Furnish this area of ​​the bedroom with tables and chairs for children and choosing gods Montessori furniture that they are at the height of your child, so that he can take his games and put them back in their place easily. Choose toys that can stimulate your imagination, but no surplus: in one Montessori bedroom order and cleanliness must reign!

Montessori bedrooms: 5 ideas for furnishing them! 

By low beds for children to the bookcase, from the lights to the play area, here are the 5 must haves to furnish one Montessori bedroom: 

1. Cot cot: fulcrum of the bedroom, this model respects all the principles of Montessori style beds. Your child will be able to get on and off in complete autonomy, without depending on his parents and in total safety, since the minimum height of the mattress is fall-proof! 

Le Montessori bed sizes: compared to a standard bed, the height of the mattress from the ground must not exceed 20 / 25 cm. 

2. Luminous garland: the perfect accessory to decorate the structure of the bed and make sleeping the most beautiful adventure of the day!

3. Front library: according to the Montessori method, your child must be able to choose his favorite books on his own, recognize the covers even if he can't read and put them back. The only rule to follow? Choose readings based on your age. 

4. Carpet: a Montessori room it would not be complete without a soft carpet with which to furnish the play area and the one dedicated to reading! Which child doesn't like to live on the floor? Leave your child free to walk barefoot, add some pillow ... and the voila, you're done! 

And if your baby is still small, why not choose one play carpet? 

5. Game containers: indispensable to show him how to keep his toys, which must always be in the same place to educate him to order and get him used to tidying up when he has finished playing. 

As a last tip: delete all objects that can be dangerous. In child's room there should be nothing that he cannot use or touch in total safety. Instead, focus on the quality of objects and furnishings, especially with regards to their educational aspects. If possible, place the light switches at a height that can be easily reached even by your child, without forgetting to cover the holes in the electrical outlets!