Ristrutturare il bagno in modo facile ed economico: 4 idee con la carta da parati in vinile

Renovating the bathroom in an easy and inexpensive way: 4 ideas with vinyl wallpaper

Renovating the bathroom without demolishing the old tiles and spending a fortune? A mission definitely achievable thanks to the vinyl wallpaper, a water-proof material, easy to clean and super resistant! Perfect, therefore, even in a humid environment such as the bathroom.

While traditional upholstery would be affected by temperature changes and humidity, its composition is waterproof and repels condensation. Let's find out together!

Vinyl wallpaper

It is composed of a layer of paper or non-woven fabric covered with a layer of PVC (vinyl), which makes it waterproof, washable and particularly resistant over time. Thanks to the special polyurethane-based glue, it is easy to apply with the DIY, without the help of any specific tool or the use of glue or water.

Renovate the bathroom

5 good reasons to apply adhesive wallpaper in the bathroom 

  1. It is resistant to water and humidity, therefore particularly suitable for environments such as the bathroom.
  2. You can combine the wallpaper with already painted portions of the wall or with other materials such as wood or tiles to obtain an impressive result.
  3. Increase the perceived space, especially if your bathroom is small or blind.
  4. You can apply it over old tiles without demolishing them, but simply by shaving them (with a product you find on the market) in order to obtain a smooth and smooth surface.
  5. Thanks to the characteristics of its materials, you can install the adhesive wallpaper even in the shower without the fear that it will come off or be damaged.

Renovate the bathroom

The advantages of adhesive wallpaper 

  • Easy to apply with DIY
  • The cost is lower than a classic renovation
  • Patterns and colors are customizable
  • Simple maintenance
  • It can be removed quickly, without leaving traces on the walls

Renovate the bathroom

The maintenance 

Thanks to its composition, the adhesive wallpaper is really simple to hold. To remove any stains, you can use a sponge or a damp cloth and a standard neutral detergent by rubbing gently. 

Renovate the bathroom

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