PIKI Pikler Triangle with Benlemi Balance Board

€ 369,00

Il Pikler triangle by Benlemi is both a game and a tool designed to train your child's motor development. 

PIKI is complete with Balance Board and can be used in many ways, to stand, sit, go up and down, supporting physical activity in a playful and fun way - as taught by the Montessori educational method. 

Il Pikler triangle di Benlemi is handmade in Europe using only natural eco-sustainable and hypoallergenic materials and paints, compliant with the strictest safety standards for baby products.

Brand: Benlemi

Triangle Dimensions: 

  • Width (cm): 84
  • Height (cm): 60
  • Depth (cm): 85

Ramp dimensions: 124 x 37 x 5,4 cm.  

Material: wood from European forests and lacquered with 100% ecological, hypoallergenic and toxic-free paints. Complies with the strictest European safety standards. 

Age: 1 8 from in years. 

Triangle weight: 5,2 Kg

Ramp weight: 6,8 Kg 

Load capacity: 40 Kg

✓ Pikler's triangle inspired by the principles of the Montessori educational method: stimulates balance, motor skills and strengthens the self-esteem of children thanks to its multiple uses. 

✓ Natural wood structure, consisting of the Pikler triangle + ramp + balance board. 

✓ Benlemi is a Czech company that produces children's furniture using only natural, ecological and 100% recyclable materials. 


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