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Self Adhesive Wallpaper

A personalized self adhesive wallpaper

The dream of one self adhesive wallpaper which can be applied quickly and easily, without ruining the walls of the house, has finally become reality! Until recently, wallpaper was a permanent choice.

Finally we have found the right solution to solve this problem thanks to our adhesive papers.

You won't need glue or water. You can simply apply it thanks to its adhesive base, without needing the help of painters or professionals. If you don't have time to paint the walls or you're renting and the white walls have bored you and you're in the mood for a change, you're in the right place!

With the removable self-adhesive paper everything can be decorated: from walls to house doors, from Ikea wooden furniture to old wardrobes to which you can give new life with ceramic knobs!

It is also perfect as an adhesive paper for furniture, which will allow you to decorate quickly and easily!

This adhesive coating is the best way to transform a space, it is easy to apply and if you get tired it can be removed in minutes without damaging the walls. Add a touch of originality to your room in minutes by choosing from the different patterns.

Choose from different models and colors, you will find modern, geometric baby wallpapers and much more!

What if you get tired of the parade and want to change it? No problem! Our wallpapers are completely removable and repositionable. They use special adhesives to attach to the walls temporarily, and they peel off easily when it's time to move or renovate.

How does it apply?

Applying our adhesive paper is very easy! Measure the height and width of the wall, this will help you understand how much wallpaper paper You will need.

Place the roll of adhesive film on the wall starting from the first corner or where you want to place it. We recommend that you apply the paper a few centimeters initially, then remove the film on the back of the paper a few centimeters and place the adhesive part on the wall. 

Do not remove all the film together. Pass your hand over the attached part to make it adhere well to the wall. You can help with this with a credit card or a card.

If you want to see the final result of the wallpaper with the color you prefer, or you need particular measurements, contact us by email at info@decochic.it or via whatsapp or telephone at 391 3435939 and we'll send you a picture!

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