Vintage Zig Zag Adhesive Paper - More Colors Available

€ 14,90

The adhesive paper of our production and Made in Italy, is very easy to apply and is perfect for both The walls that for furnishings

You can choose between two materials, ADHESIVE VINYL or ADHESIVE FABRIC.

La difference between VINYL  and FABRIC is the finish, the vinyl is smooth and opaque and the fabric is a polyester that has a similar finish to fabric both touch and sight.
Both materials have the following characteristics:
  • Fit to Furnishings, Walls, Doors, Tiles.
  • Adhesive on all materials such as Wood, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic.
  • White background opaque.
  • Removable e repositionable in the application phase
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Washable and water resistant.
  • Self Adhesive, does not require any glue, paste or water.
  • It does not damage the surface when it is removed.
  • Free of dangerous chemicals.
  • Produced in Italy.

                      You can choose between the various models of standard sizes or you can insert your own custom sizes yourself.

                      Available Standard Sizes Width (cm) x Length (cm):

                      • 50x100 cm
                      • 50x150 cm
                      • 50x200 cm
                      • 50x250 cm
                      • 50x300 cm
                      • 100x100 cm
                      • 100x150 cm
                      • 100x200 cm
                      • 100x250 cm
                      • 100x300 cm

                      Custom Size:

                      Enter your custom measurements such as width and height in cm. 

                      We can print a maximum width of 100cm and a height of 300cm.

                      If your width is greater than 100 cm we can print the panels in such a way as to make them coincide in the imagination.

                      In case you need measures over 100 cm wide we ask you to contact us by email at or via Whatsapp at 391.3435939.

                      How do I know how much paper I need?

                      If you have to cover a MOBILE:

                      First: select the panel size that best fits your furniture height. The surplus can be cut after the application. 

                      According to: determines the number of panels to be ordered. To do this, add the width of the piece of furniture you want to cover:

                      Example: you want to cover a wardrobe:

                      Door 1 width 48 cm, height 258 cm

                      Door 2 width 48 cm, height 258 cm

                      The total width of all and 2 combined doors = 96 cm

                      Conclusion: 2 orders 50x300 panels cm

                      If you have to cover one WALL :

                      First: select the panel size that best fits your wall height. The surplus can be cut after the application.

                      According to: determines the number of panels to be ordered. To do this, add the width of the wall you want to cover:

                      Example: you want to cover a wide wall 320 cm and high 270 cm:

                      You will need the panels from 50x300 cm.

                      You have to divide the total width for 50 cm, so you will need 320: 50 = 6,4 panels

                      Conclusion: 7 orders 50x300 panels cm


                      What is the difference between vinyl and fabric?

                      The difference between Vinyl and Fabric is the finish, the Vinyl is smooth and matte and the fabric (polyester) has a fabric-like finish to both touch and sight. They are both easy to apply, removable and washable.

                      Is there any difference between adhesive wallpaper and adhesive paper for furniture?

                      No, they are the same product.

                      It is better the  Vinyl or the Fabric?

                      They are both suitable for both furniture and walls, we recommend choosing the Vinyl if used on surfaces that need to be washed often such as bathroom and kitchen tiles.

                      Is the material opaque?

                      Yes. The adhesive paper is opaque and on a white base so once applied you will not see the surface below even if it is of an intense color.

                      If I apply the paper on the tiles, will the joints be seen?

                      It depends on the depth of the joints and how much rewards on the escape when you make it stick, you can get both the tile and smooth effect.

                      Is the paper washable? What products can I clean?

                      Both the Vinyl and Fabric are washable, can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

                      In case of stains you can use a mild cleaning product, the important thing is that non is based on ammonia o bleach. 

                      Can I apply the paper in the bathroom?

                      Yes of course, the Vinyl is recommended because it is washable and also suitable for outdoor use and is not afraid of water or humidity.

                      Can I apply the paper behind the burners in the kitchen?

                      Yes the Vinyl is self-extinguishing so even if it comes into contact with flames it does not feed them. Also you can clean the panel with a product like degreaser.

                      Can I apply paper on a mirror or glass?

                      Yes, the adhesive paper adheres to any smooth surface, such as mirrors and glass. 


                      Is adhesive paper easy to apply?

                      Absolutely yes! We suggest the purchase of the spatula for easier application.

                      Can I apply the paper only on wooden furniture or walls?

                      You can apply the adhesive paper on smooth surfaces, such as wood, plastic, glass and metal furniture.

                      NOT recommended for rough surfaces.

                      Clean the surface with a cloth, do not use detergents as they may leave residues.

                      Do I need a professional installer to apply the paper?

                      No. The paper is designed to be easily applied by anyone because it is self-adhesive and even if you mess up you can remove it and put it back.

                      Can I remove the card? Is the furniture or the wall damaged?

                      To remove the paper, start at one corner and begin to remove it by gently pulling it down.

                      The furniture or the wall are not damaged, but be careful, if it is a piece of furniture very old painting with multiple layers or a colored wall could remove a surface layer.

                      Can I reuse the card?

                      Yes. Our adhesive paper can be easily removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the surface.

                      TO SORT

                      How can I see the fantasy in the color I want?

                      On the product page you will find among the images the simulation of the fantasy in the available colors.

                      How can I be sure of the selected color?

                      The colors you see on the screen may vary depending on the monitor of the computer or mobile phone from which you are viewing our site.

                      We suggest you order the sample or contact us to request a live printed photo of the color chart.

                      How can I order a sample?

                      Simple and easy. Just select the Sample 20x20 cm option of your favorite fantasy in the drop-down menu that you find in the product sheet and add it to your cart.

                      The pattern will be printed in full size on that sample.

                      What do I do if I can't find the measures I need? Can I request a custom size?

                      Absolutely yes! If the piece of furniture to be covered has dimensions of width or height greater than the standard ones (for example 60 cm) you can purchase the customized size by entering the measurements in the form you find in the product sheet.

                      How soon does the tidy paper come home?

                      Our production times vary and you will find the production times in the product sheet.

                      How can I pay?

                      For the payment we have bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. 


                      DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS


                      1 STEP

                      Get the tools you need:

                      • Metro
                      • Pencil
                      • Ruler
                      • Cutter or Cutter
                      • Ladder

                      2 STEP

                      Prepare the  wall or furniture:

                      1. Allow the product to acclimatize in the room where it will be applied.
                      2. The surfaces must be smooth, dry e clean, otherwise the product may not stick to dirty or too rough surfaces.
                      3. Remove any nails or screws from the wall or piece of furniture, as well as electric plates.
                      4. Thoroughly clean the surface on which you will apply the paper. Make sure you completely remove any dust, dirt or mold residues and to let the surface dry completely. If you use detergents or soap, make sure you don't leave any residue.
                      5. If you have just painting the wall or the piece of furniture let it dry for at least 4 weeks (or longer, if recommended by the paint manufacturer). In the event that the wall or the piece of furniture should present points in the process of detaching the plaster or paint, do not apply the product, because the tightness of the product is not guaranteed. In this case we recommend removing the portions being detached and making the surface homogeneous and suitable for the application.
                      6. we recommend to test the product in a position not visible before applying it in the desired position.

                      3 STEP

                      1. Peel off the paper for a few centimeters starting from the short side.
                      2. Align the length of the roll to the edge of the wall or piece of furniture to be covered and attach the first portion to the surface.
                      3. Remove a portion of the non-adhesive support from top to bottom slowly and begin to attach the paper to the wall or cabinet.
                      4. Help yourself with a spatula to spread the paper better, and let out any air bubbles from the center outwards, applying moderate pressure on the entire surface of the paper to ensure a solid adhesion to the wall or to the cabinet.
                      5. If bubbles form, you can prick them with a needle to let the air out and remove the bubble.
                      6. If you fail to apply the card, don't worry, you can remove it and reposition it.
                      7. Trim along the bottom of the length using a ruler and a cutter or cutter.

                      4 STEP

                      Apply the remaining strips:

                      Apply the next strip according to the previous instructions, combining imagination to the first strip. If you have difficulty with an irregular angle, try cutting the corner.

                      5 STEP

                      To remove the adhesive wallpaper, slowly and gently pull the paper from the top corner directly downwards.

                      PRODUCT CARE

                      The adhesive paper can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In case of stains it is possible to use a product for delicate cleaning, the important thing is that non is based on ammonia o bleach. 

                      If the paper is used as a splash guard in the kitchen you can use a common tinker (always not containing ammonia or bleach).


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