Comfort + Mattress for Baby Bed 66x116 cm Leander

€ 197,00
Il mattress oval for Leander baby bed from 0 to 3 years is made of pressure cold foam and composed of 2 sides: one side for children and one for newborns for a better and more diversified distribution of body weight. 
Equipped with a corrugated profile, it guarantees maximum transpiration and correct air circulation; while the outer lining in polyester and lyocell is easily machine washable. 

Brand: Leander 

Dimensions: 66 x 116 cm (mattress not included and sold separately on our website). 

Composition: the covering is made of polyester and lyocell, while the inside is made of pressure-sensitive cold foam.  

✓ Breathable and orthopedic.

✓ Removable and machine washable. 

✓ Composed of 2 sides: one side for children and one for newborns, for an optimal and diversified distribution of body weight. 

✓ All Leander products are made with natural, resistant materials and selected with the utmost care to meet the strictest European safety standards. 


Decochic does not offer assembly service, all our furniture is delivered with graphic instructions, easy to follow. 

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