Bunk Bed with Inclined Scale LifeTime

€ 1.384,00

This bunk bed from the Danish company LifeTime is the ideal space-saving solution for optimizing space in the bedroom! Thanks to its modular structure, the model is easily transformed into two single beds or any other type of bed depending on the needs.

Complete it with a pull-out chest of drawers to keep your children's toys in order or to add a bed for your best friends!

Brand: Lifetime


  • Length (cm): 207
  • Head / Foot Height (cm): 177 / 25
  • Depth (cm): 102

Mattress Size: 90x200 cm (not included available for purchase on our website).

Material: Pine wood lacquered with water-based paint, therefore completely safe for your child.

✓ A safety barrier can be added for added security until the child gets used to the bed.

✓ Including 16 rolled standard slats (max. 150 kg) or you can have an 28 slatted frame and adjustable in the lumbar section (max. 150 kg)

✓ Thanks to its modular structure, the bed can be adjusted quickly and easily and turns into two single beds or any other type of bed.

To combine, if you need a guest bed, with a bed drawer removable in the same series and sold separately on our website.

The model is available with straight or inclined stairs.

Decochic does not offer assembly service, all our furniture is delivered with graphic instructions, easy to follow.

The Lifetime catalog includes many products not all visible on our site, so to access the complete Lifetime catalog we invite you to visit their website https://www.lifetimekidsrooms.it.

Each product in the catalog can be ordered through Decochic, for more information contact us at info@decochic.it or 391.3435939.

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The bleached finish furniture is made of solid pine with visible knots. The combination of this finish with this type of wood gives the furniture a natural appearance. The surface is treated with a combination of lacquer, wax and white pigments. The combination of these elements allows the wood to have a resistant, easy to clean and bright surface. White pigments preserve the light color of wood, which comes from eco-sustainable forests in Sweden. The climatic conditions allow a slow pine growth which guarantees a higher quality.

The finishes in white lacquered wood are made of pine wood without knots. Doing it this way, the finish will remain smooth and cured for many years, as it will not be affected by the knots. To ensure good quality, some components are made of birch. The standard fronts of the beds, the doors and drawers for drawers are made of lacquered MDF. The paint is water-based and allows for a durable white surface that is easy to clean. The wood comes from Swedish sustainable forests. The climatic conditions allow a slow pine growth which guarantees a higher quality.
LIFETIME beds are in line with the strict European standards EN747 2013. Furthermore, there is an 5 warranty on the construction of a LIFETIME bed.