Lifetime Kidsrooms

Lifetime Children's Rooms: Design for Kids in Nordic Style

Get ready to explore the spectacular range of children's beds Lifetime.

By far one of the most impressive children's furniture manufacturers we've ever seen, Lifetime offers an incredible range of children's beds and more.

With over forty years of experience in producing children's beds, he has created a new range that will impress you! This brand has a philosophy based on quality and creativity.
Combining creative play with excellent space organization solutions, Lifetime has become one of the most sought-after European brands for children's bedrooms. Using the best materials, dynamic designs and impressive structures, the beds for children created by Lifetime are difficult to compete.

We know that parents are always looking for that extra piece to save space, as well as a bed that will impress your little ones if it's a child or a teenager. Decochic can offer the best prices to our customers and FREE shipping in Italy. For parents concerned about the installation, we have a number of simple (fast and easy) options available.

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