Cordova Tile Stickers-Pack of 10 Stickers-More Colors and Sizes Available

€ 3,00
The adhesive tiles of our production are perfect for covering
of the old tiles.  

They are very easy to apply because they do not require glue or skilled labor and are completely removable (they leave no residue on the surface). Furthermore, thanks to the technical characteristics of vinyl, adhesive tiles are the ideal solution for decorating humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom.


Material: High quality Matte Adhesive Vinyl 

  • Suitable for kitchen and bathroom (wall) tiles
  • Washable and water resistant
  • Simple to apply and remove because they are self-adhesive 

Dimensions: Each pack contains 10 pre-cut stickers, and you can choose between the following sizes:

  • 10x10 cm
  • 15x15 cm
  • 20x20 cm
  • 25x25 cm
  • 30x30 cm 
  • 33x33 cm

You can also request custom sizes via the form or via email or whatsapp.

Useful tips:

- Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh detergents such as bleach.