Teddy White Childhome Children's Chair

€ 184,00

The Sediolina Bimbi Teddy Bianco is a beautiful and perfect piece of furniture for children, after a long day of school, homework and games! The Rocking Chair of the Belgian brand Childhome makes all the children happy who will feel comfortable and comforted by the gentle rocking of this tender chair. The curved bars ensure a light but continuous movement and the Teddy fabric with which it is covered ensures softness and comfort. The modern design with clean and essential lines will look good not only in the bedroom but also in the living room, in the kitchen and in any other room of the house.


Color: White
Dimensions: 52 x 45 x 51 cm
European safety standard: EN 1728: 2012
Materials: 100% polyester teddy fabric. Structure in pine and plywood
Weight: 7 kg
Max weight supported: 25 kg
Care: clean with a damp cloth

Why we like it:

  • All Childhome furniture is practical, versatile and beautiful; intended to last over time, they change function and accompany the child as he grows.
  • The line is 100% eco-friendly and uses only wood from reforestation. It also uses finishes that are not harmful to the environment and people and are completely free of chemical substances.
  • All Childhome products are tested over and over again and comply with the strictest European safety standards.

Childhome is a member of the BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative organization, a platform for guaranteeing the production chain that promotes legal compliance, occupational health and safety, adequate remuneration and environmental protection.


Decochic does not offer assembly service, all our furniture is delivered with graphic instructions, easy to follow. 

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