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Babies bedrooms

Babies bedrooms

Welcoming, safe and tidy, the children's bedrooms they must meet a series of practical but also aesthetic requirements. But what are the right accessories and furniture? And what is the best way to decorate it?

So here is a little guide to design a perfect bedroom for your baby's arrival!

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Baby bedrooms: essential accessories

In order for his arrival in the world to be the best, it is necessary to design his space correctly and in the best way, taking care to prepare in advance.

Functionality of the furnishings, comfort and design are the keywords for the choice of the basic furnishings, which will have to create a relaxing and child-friendly atmosphere as much as possible.

Here are the must-have accessories that must never be missing from the complements of furnishing the baby's room:

  • cradle: not everyone knows that it should only be used for the first months of the baby's life and that is why our advice is to opt for a convertible cot that accompanies the growth of your baby even after four months and equipped with a height-adjustable base. Make sure that the bars never exceed 6,5 cm, while the height of the side guards should be at least 60 cm high. Complete the cradle with a buffer o adapter to make it even more welcoming and comfortable and place it away from windows or heat sources.
  • Changing table: it must be robust, stable and practical. Opt for a model with lower drawers to have everything within reach while you change your puppy and with a large and washable shelf. It is also important that it is made with 100% natural materials and paints to protect the health of the child.
  • Wardrobe or chest of drawers: choose a large wardrobe with height-adjustable shelves, so as to keep clothes, sheets and accessories always perfectly tidy and easily available. As for the chest of drawers, however, the advice is to opt for a model two in one, which can be transformed on occasion into a practical changing table: it will allow you to save money and at the same time to optimize space!

Finally, among the complements that can never be missing in the children's bedrooms fall a soft carpet, useful for when your baby starts crawling, and one toy basket what is will help to keep everything in order. And remember: safety comes first. Our collections of baby furniture comply with all European regulations on the matter, to ensure that they are 100% safe for your child. That's why on our site you will only find accessories made with natural materials and ecological water-based paints compliant with the European safety standard EN71-3-1994, which prohibits the use of harmful products inside the paints intended for children's bedrooms.

Furnishing a newborn bedroom: 5 useful tips

Where to start? Start by choosing a style or color. Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for finding inspiration and lots of ideas children's bedrooms one more beautiful than the other or you can read the blogs of moms online. Do not forget that your child's room must be a relaxing place where he can dream and grow peacefully.

Here are 5 tips to best furnish the new bedroom:

  • Plan the room on time: make a project before making purchases, especially if you don't have much space available. Use the space vertically and avoid placing the furniture too close to each other or crowding the space to avoid confusing the child with too many stimuli.
  • Think about the future: furnish the bedroom so that it can adapt to the growth of your child over time. A practical idea? For example choosing one convertible cradle.
  • A touch of color: lilac, blue, pink, beige, yellow and in general the natural shades are perfect for creating a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. If they are dosed with white, they make the bedroom even brighter! But be careful not to play too much with the contrasts, especially if the size of the room is small: a good compromise is to color a single wall or to focus on the color of the furnishings.
  • Everything in order: avoid dangerous or bulky items, the bedroom must be as tidy and comfortable as possible.
  • Think about the light points: choose at least a couple to use at different times of the day and prefer a warm and soft shade.

On Decochic.it you can find many accessories for bedrooms, perfect for creating the room you've always dreamed of for your little one. Be inspired and find out how to make it a safe and welcoming place!

Baby room ideas: choose the right style!

Decorating the bedroom while you wait for your baby to arrive is a wonderful adventure that allows you to project yourself into your future role as a parent. With our children's furniture and accessories, you can create one infant bedroom according to your tastes! All you have to do is choose from our style proposals: modern, country, Montessori or Scandinavian ... which one will you choose? 

Ours are complete bedrooms, composed of 2 to 5 elements of the same line, but you can also decide to buy them individually according to your need. 

Children's bedrooms: furnish it on Decochic.it!

Looking for one complete bedroom design for your little one? On Decochic.it you can find the inspiration you are looking for and buy conveniently online children's bedrooms at prices very advantageous and, moreover, you can take advantage of the 5% discount on your first order!

If you have doubts or questions, contact us! We will be happy to answer you and advise you best.

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