Benlemi Bed Protection Board - More Colors Available

€ 39,00

Brand name: Benlemi

dimensions: The bed protection measures 112 cm in length, including 6 cm thick supports to attach the guard to your baby's bed. Protects the child up to 18 cm from the top of the bed frame.

The optional protection barrier for Happy, Funny, Wally and Sidy beds is very simple in design and is very easy to install.

Simply place the bed protector on the long bed frame and insert the mattress into the bed. It is not necessary to drill. You can rest assured that your little one is safe while sleeping while the mattress keeps its guard in position, so there is no possibility of night falls and bumps.

If you prefer, you can also attach it with screws. Just screw it from the inside of the bed. The bed protection can therefore be removed when it is no longer needed and the additional holes will be covered by the mattress.