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Who is Decochic?

Hello and welcome! I'm Federica and Decochic is my online shop dedicated to home decor. It all started in the 2011, when I started searching online for what would be the decor of my new home. 

My goal then was as now to share with you my passion for vintage and shabby style, to offer quality products, but also and above all a design that can simplify everyday life. All with one and only mission: to help you make your home a place that reflects you! 

Decochic is the right place to buy the best of Nordic design, but also where to find ideas to decorate your home, letting yourself be inspired by the stories of the community and our advice. 

Today Decochic has become a reference point for thousands of women looking for new inspiration and advice to furnish or change the look of their homes. This is why our research continues and never stops, to continue to always offer you new accessories, furnishing accessories and ideas for your DIY projects. Because every style needs the right details! 


Decochic: your new e-commerce for the shabby chic home

Decochic is your new e-commerce to find new solutions every day to give a touch of beauty and functionality to your interiors. A virtual shop where you can find the right inspiration between original, creative and affordable furnishing accessories, for a home that can finally reflect your personality! 

From adhesive wallpaper to vintage objects, from practical accessories for everyday use to those for hand-made projects: Decochic is the right place to buy high-quality niche products with innovative materials and design. 

The fundamental principle of our philosophy is based on the power and influence that colors have in our lives. We firmly believe in their therapeutic power, which has ancient roots, and we are convinced that they are an essential element in the interior customization. 

This is why to create our patterns we are inspired by nature, we study new shades and color combinations, to recreate the most diverse styles and allow you to recreate yours. 

Vintage, modern, shabby or years' 50? Your story is also ours. Free your imagination and tell us which style reflects you. We'll help you recreate it in a way you never thought: easy, but above all fun and fast!

Respect for the environment is one of our priorities and that is why we believe in the power of creative recycling. We believe that to make our homes beautiful and welcoming places, it is not necessary to throw away the old furniture, on the contrary. The style we offer is absolutely in line with the philosophy of sustainable development, enhancing your furniture and giving it new life. With this in mind, we have introduced an 100% recyclable adhesive wallpaper, to make our production more sustainable and your purchases more aware. 


Our main objective is a quality service that can accompany you during all stages of the purchase. If you need some information or are looking for a particular object, you can contact us at info@decochic.it or by telephone at 391-3435939.


Start your shopping on Decochic and treat yourself to the luxury of a home that talks about you!