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Written by: Elisa 2018-09-09

The knobs I bought are perfect. At the time of the order they were not available and they immediately advised me. They still arrived after about a week. Really great service.


Written by: Elena 2018-09-01

The paper is the way I wanted it, I just have to pose it. Maybe then I'll send you the photo. Thanks and see you soon.


Written by: Paola 2018-08-10

The products arrived all in time and in perfect condition!
Beautiful, and original.
Thanks Decochic!


Written by: Flaminia 2018-08-10

The card purchased respects exactly the desired and the description related to the ordered item. I used it to decorate my son's bedroom wall.


Written by: Michela 2018-08-08

High quality PVC adhesive paper.
I find the cost a bit expensive compared to the quantity of product. In fact, to complete the job I have to place the order again. Maximum precision and professionalism for everything else!


Written by: Daniela 2018-07-19

Great purchase! Very nice card, same for colors and designs. The kitchen wall has changed its appearance as well as a wardrobe in the bathroom! Sincere congratulations!!!


Written by: Marianna 2018-07-10

The paper purchased was used to cover a closet not too beautiful: as it is not so cheap and it was not enough to cover it all, I thought of cutting it out with polka dots of different sizes .... Great effect (see photo). Thanks


Written by: Lucia 2018-07-10

I bought the PVC adhesive paper to decorate a chest of drawers for my child's bedroom. I am very satisfied with the product: the material is of quality and arrived on time and in excellent condition. The only drawback is the somewhat high shipping costs. However highly recommended! Lucia


Written by: Chiara 2018-07-09

I bought the adhesive PVC wallpaper to cover and renovate two wall cabinets. I am very happy with the result and the availability of customer service, because I also asked for a customized product that they made to measure. Thanks again and see you soon!


Written by: Francesca 2018-07-08

I ordered the vintage yellow knobs to give a different touch to the kitchen furniture I had just repainted. I am very happy with the result. The knobs are beautiful. The service was impeccable. Thanks!!!


Written by: Elisa 2018-07-08

Totally satisfied with the fast service and the quality of the pvc adhesive sheets ... beautiful and easy to apply!


Written by: Susi 2018-06-25

I bought pink and fuchsia Pom Pom, lanterns and festoons, all arrived in time for my baby's party. They gave me all the compliments for the setup. The quality of the products is excellent. Thanks Decochic for your kindness ...


Written by: Chiara 2018-06-17

I bought the PVC adhesive sheets to cover my children's bedside tables. Beautiful, and the final result impeccable. I think I will buy it again to give some character to the furniture of the bedrooms and the walls. Colors and patterns for all tastes, impossible not to find something to fall in love with. Thanks Decochic :-)


Written by: Cinzia 2018-06-17

Very beautiful knobs. Too bad the first shipment for the package lost by TNT. According to DHL with unexceptionable.
Thanks so much


Written by: Marina 2018-05-04

I ordered the lilac paper adhesive for furniture with white stars and white adhesive wall paper with lilac stars; beautiful, of excellent quality and easy to use. But with the second order of white wall paper with lilac stars, I received the product with different star sizes (smaller than the previous one), as I realized the difference only after having already used the said paper on a new wall, I had to move the one already applied with the old order to a column in a corner of the bedroom in order to confuse the optical effect. Fortunately, it is easily removed and reattached after having already used it. I advise paying attention to the size of the drawings so as to avoid problems like mine. Nevertheless, I made a beautiful chest of drawers and a beautiful bedroom for my little girl.


Written by: Ilaria 2018-05-01

Super satisfied! High quality and easy to use product! Thank you very much


Written by: Marta 2018-04-26

Product arrived earlier than expected. It is of excellent quality, very easy to stick.
I used it to liven up the bottom of a white display cabinet and make a beautiful effect.
I'm super happy and I highly recommend it !!!
Thanks so much


Written by: Bullfight 2018-04-26

Very nice mobile.they very kind, available and fast delivery Thank you very much


Written by: Stella 2018-06-25

I ordered the sticky paper for the drawers with hearts and stars. Beautiful, of excellent quality and packaged with great care.
A single suggestion: if the back were squared like the more commercial cards, it would help to take better measurements and cut more accurately. Definitely recommend.


Written by: Serena 2018-06-24

Perfect experience! Exceptional products in very short time..super recommended !!!
Thanks so much


Written by: Lorella 2018-03-14

I ordered adhesive paper for furniture .. beautiful ... and by email I got to hear from Federica ... very kind .. thanks
Thanks so much


Written by: Marilena 2018-03-11

Very happy ♥ ️


Written by: Return Policy 2018-02-12

Ceramic knobs in the shape of very beautiful stars timely delivery. Thank you

Written by: Loredana 2018-02-11

I ordered some knobs for the kitchen they are very beautiful and I was also happy with the expedition which was fast even though they were not immediately available thanks to a new order of knobs.


Written by: Elizabeth 2018-02-09

Thanks Federica, my sachets to hold the biscuits arrived very early and are even more beautiful live. I was pleasantly surprised by your kindness. Now there is only the embarrassment of the choice for the next purchases. See you soon


Written by: Greta 2018-02-09

I was looking for an adhesive film for furniture, but I wanted to find something special to give more character to a normal white cabinet. Here I was able to find it! Beautiful and perfect! Easy to apply for an excellent result. Serious and reliable site and service.


Written by: Gisella 2018-01-31

Great site !!! They have so many beautiful things ... they are very attentive to the customers is very precise !!!,


Written by: Lucia 2018-01-24

Excellent service, the goods arrived even earlier than expected, well packed; the fabric wallpaper is of excellent quality and the colors correspond to the description. I used it to coat an old dresser and make it suitable for a small girl. I was very satisfied! Thank you so much!


Written by: Valeria 2018-01-23

Great product I covered the bathroom furniture. Amazing effect!


Written by: Simona 2018-01-20

This site is fantastic !!! full of beautiful things and run by a very kind person who kindly answered all my innumerable questions for a purchase of sticky paper which, once arrived and applied, turned out to be fantastic !!!!! I will buy without less, thanks!


Written by: Francesca 2017-12-26

Excellent service from all points of view: excellent adhesive paper for furniture and walls; excellent and fast shipping service.I'm looking forward to using the purchased product and, maybe, proceeding with further purchases. Francesca


Written by: fil @ home 2017-12-15

I immediately liked the vellina cards with their Swiss designs and different from those found around. I was very happy with my choice. I used them immediately for my packages. They are of great effect. A beautiful effect.


Written by: Francesca 2017-12-11

Excellent service. The wallpaper is as seen in the picture. Delicious towels and cookbooks. They will certainly look good in my friends' homes !!! I will use this site again. The patterns and products are original and sophisticated!


Written by: Giulia 2017-12-10

The ordered card arrived in a few days. Color and material were as I expected them and despite being a little worried, I was able to apply it easily. The work was quick and not at all tiring and despite the geometric design, I managed to match the fantasy of the rolls and the result is flawless. No one understands where one roll ends and another begins! Thanks!


Written by: Manuela 2017-12-10

Everything perfect and fast delivery! Thanks


Written by: Marika 2017-11-23

I ordered beautiful and easy to apply pvc furniture paper, the result was better than my expectations and I am definitely satisfied with my purchase! The site works really well and Federica is kind and attentive to her customers


Written by: Ilaria 2017-11-23

Hi Federica I received the knobs and I mounted them. Belief has become a show! I'll have to come up with something new to get more. :)


Written by: Silvia 2017-11-14

Beautiful objects, excellent quality! Really satisfied ..! Congratulations!!


Written by: Deborah 2017-11-14

Very happy ♥ ️
Thanks so much


Written by: Marisa 2017-11-10

Dear Federica, I will try to send you a photo of the result obtained using the adhesive paper. In the end, everything is fine. Fast service, product that meets expectations, easy to apply, color as per photo. The only drawback is that the printing of the polka dots does not allow easy application to the walls because the polka dots of the second roll do not coincide with those of the first. I therefore allow myself a suggestion. The print should end at the edge of the roll with the background color, not with the polka dots. Thanks to Federica for always being available on the phone.


Written by: Nancy 2017-10-14

I ordered the pvc wallpaper is very beautiful and easy to apply! The site works great and is very efficient


Written by: Anna Maria Rita 2017-10-14

I ordered the PVC wallpaper. The order perfectly respected the times, easy to trace. The material corresponding to the order. Easy to apply. Very satisfied!



Written by: Manuela ruggeri 2015-03-31

Today I received the much-desired kitchen scale ... thank you for not disappointing me, it is beautiful! ... Of course I hope later to find shipping costs a little less but I wait for many other new items and I am sure that I will be again your customer! Thank you all!


Written by: Bianca 2015-03-27

Wonderful site run by efficient and very kind people! super recommended!
Gorgeous products arrived at their destination punctually and in perfect condition.
Keep it up!


Written by: Isabella 2015-01-23

As usual, more than precise and fast !!
It is a pleasure to buy from you.


Written by: valeria - milano 2014-12-10

what to say...!!! Federica was fantastic: after hundreds of "whatsappate" she advised me very well and today I received my beautiful purchases: 28 different knobs, sensational .... not to mention the scale: fantastic .... thank you very much Federica for your patience and professionalism ... to the next purchase .... highly recommended site !!


Written by: Andreia 2014-09-12

All fantastic thanks a lot


Written by: Simona 2014-07-24

The kitchen scale ordered Tuesday afternoon arrived Wednesday morning. Thank you for the speed and courtesy. Thanks, Simona


Written by: Virginia 2014-07-02

I'm very happy!!! I will definitely buy again, the very kind Federica has immediately understood my needs, looking for pieces specifically for me! All in a very short time and with fast whatsup communication!
Stra recommended!


Written by: Rosy 2014-06-29

Beautiful objects excellent quality! Very satisfied thanks


Written by: federica 2014-05-15

Courtesy and availability, I will carry out other orders with you. Excellent reference point.
Federica, Treviso


Written by: mcdetoni@hotmail.it 2014-05-01

Finally a bit of bon ton and tenderness in a trash world!


Written by: Valentina - Italian Wedding Company 2014-04-07

Excellent material, very fast and very professional!


Written by: Cristina 2014-04-04

The Baker Twins I bought are awesome! Fast shipping, received the day after the purchase! I'll be back to buy very soon! Thanks a lot! Highly recommended shop!


Written by: LAURA 2014-03-07

I just discovered your site ...... A SHOW .... congratulations ... now I dive into shopping ..... HELLO


Written by: Giulia 2014-02-10

Fantastic shop !!! being "zone" I picked up directly, Federica is super mega kind and helpful, highly recommended! ??


Written by: julie 2014-01-22

Fast service and beautiful popcorn mug even more live! I can't wait for the birthday boy to open his gift package! Congratulations on the selection of products, I will come back to visit you.


Written by: Franceschi Sara 2014-01-21

It was love at first sight!!! And in the twinkling of an eye, everything I wanted came ... Thank you very much ... Super well organized site, magnificent products and very efficient service !!! But above all, congratulations to Federica! Sara


Written by: antonella de micheli 2013-12-03

Good morning I am Antonella De Micheli, today I received the two cups of greengate, they are beautiful, the shipping was very fast.
You will be a point of reference for my purchases for the future.
I hope that in the future you will be able to expand the choice of objects even more.
In thanking you I take this opportunity to wish you the best wishes for a Merry Christmas


Written by: Roberta da Grosseto 2013-12-01

I saw your stand in Florence and I loved it and the person who served me was very courteous. The products are original and very special.


Written by: Minou 2013-09-10

Fast shipping and beautiful polka dot ceramic knobs, they are assembled in ten minutes and I didn't have to change the previous holes in the wardrobe. Very courteous and accurate telephone customer service. Thanks!


Written by: Federica 2013-08-27

Very nice site with sought after products; but unfortunately many articles are not available ..


Written by: francesca 2013-08-14

Speed, courtesy, precision, and a truly unique selection of products in Italy.
I ordered the first time a couple of months ago, now a second one ... and I already know I'll be back :) Site highly recommended.


Written by: Graziella Giampa 2013-06-28

I visited your site mm for mm and I'm ecstatic but I would like to know if the restocking of the sold-out goods is planned, of which many articles I would need for next October. Congratulations.


Written by: simona valentini 2013-06-15

great accessories ... beautiful showcase thanks


Written by: Raffaella 2013-05-30

I made purchases at your stand at the Cake Design Festival, to say that I would have bought the whole stand is enough for you? I came back later but alas I wasn't the only one who appreciated your products and so I didn't find what I was looking for, but surely I'll order other things soon. They are really beautiful and of quality! Congratulations!


Written by: Patrizia moschetto 2013-05-02

I was pleasantly struck by the professionalism of your shop, I was wrongly sent the same tape twice, the lady I spoke to was kind enough to send the correct one at your expense. Thanks again for the service and professionalism that has distinguished you, something that today is found in a few companies, for sure your company is a serious one both for the products you offer and for the quick and punctual services. Best regards


Written by: Alessia Neroni 2013-04-09

Very refined and original products, correctness, reliability and courtesy.
Our best compliments
Hotel Columbus - Rome
Via della Conciliazione, 33


Written by: From 2013-03-26

Order received in less than 24 hours! Excellent service and beautiful merchandise !!! I think I'll be back soon to shop !!!


Written by: Azzu 2013-03-21

Package arrived today :)
All very nice, but I would have some advice.
For CRAFT TARGETS I suggest you write that in the package there is also the cord :)
I'll be back to buy from you very soon :)
I also wanted to know if products that are no longer available will return to be :)
Good evening


Written by: Elena T. 2013-03-05

Really very very nice objects! Moreover, the photos on the site faithfully reflect what the objects are in reality! Among other things, living nearby, I went to personally collect the products and I can say that the owner Federica was very kind and helpful! Highly recommended !!!


Written by: great francesca paola 2013-02-28

complimentissimi looking at your site I am enchanted and it is very simple and quick to consult. very good


Written by: Cristina 2013-02-27

Delighted ........ magnificent objects, super fast shipping, and thanks to Federica, she is very kind !!!


Written by: Elisa 2013-02-20

Everything arrived in no time.
The objects, seen live, are really beautiful.
I adore Ib Laursen ... but can't you get a larger assortment of their vast production? Greetings and thanks.


Written by: Laura 2013-02-15

What to say? Decochic is all a charm ...
The items purchased, online and at the fair in Bergamo are exclusive and ... delicious! The carefully packaged package arrived in just a few days.
Congratulations also for the site, beautiful.


Written by: Isabella 2013-02-15

Arrived everything perfect as always! The GreenGate cases are really a love !!!
Thank you!


Written by: Lara 2013-02-08

hello, shipping arrived in 48 hours ... fast! I am very satisfied with my purchase! thanks!


Written by: Isabella Vradini 2013-01-29

As always precise and fast !!!
Thanks again !


Written by: Eleonora 2012-12-04

Shipping arrived in less than 24 hours from the order, everything perfect ... thanks !!


Written by: Luca 2012-11-26

I took a box of recipes for a present for my girlfriend: fantastic! I'll make a great impression! Thanks for the speed and professionalism.


Written by: annapiera 2012-11-12

The package arrived this morning with "ribbons" and labels. Very fast, thanks.
All the things I've looked at are wonderful, at the next order!


Written by: Barbara pasini 2012-11-08

Excellent prices and precision as well as accuracy !! I advise


Written by: Claudia 2012-10-26

I took the Ib Laursen baskets, the ideal solution for small bathroom items or as empty bags in the entrance!
And the wall-mounted earring holder which, besides being very decorative, is very comfortable to put all the jewels in order.


Written by: marinbo 2012-10-20

I was in Vicenza and I was able to admire your delicious proposals again. Congratulations!


Written by: Raffaella 2012-10-09

Dear Federica, I received the package this morning ... it's all wonderful. Thanks a lot . Raffaella


Written by: marianna 2012-10-06

Very kind and the delivery was fast and punctual !!! my earrings holder is beautiful ... I had not seen around so beautiful !!! satisfied ...


Written by: Stefania Sottile 2012-09-27

I could not fail to thank you and point out that the package with my orders arrived in perfect condition and in the scheduled time !! The products are wonderful !! What can I say? I think there will be other opportunities in the future!
Good job!



Written by: Erika 2012-09-13

All fantastic in two days the package arrived .. super recommended !! See you soon!!!


Written by: Isabella Vradini 2012-09-05

Good morning,
I am really satisfied with the purchases on your site.
The products are perfect, packed very well and your shipping speed is amazing!
I added a link to your shop on my blog !!!


Written by: valentina 2012-08-24

knobs arrived and ... beautiful thanks;))


Written by: serena 2012-08-12

I also bought beautiful charms and I confirm the speed of the shipping service. Everything perfect.


Written by: Simona 2012-08-05

Knobs arrived in one day. Beautiful! You are amazing!


Written by: sonia 2012-07-16

Today the package has arrived !!! ... the charms are beautiful !!!
Thanks to presto.ciao !!!!!!


Written by: Barbara 2012-07-14

I unexpectedly received all the material ordered in two days, despite having made the payment by bank transfer.
Everything perfect, congratulations for the organization and the service!


Written by: Enrica 2012-06-20

This morning the package arrived !!!!!! All wonderful ..... next month for the next order:) !!!!!!


Written by: Laura 2012-06-15

The order arrived superfast !!!! Purchases are delicious !!! Thank you and see you soon!


Written by: mathilde 2012-05-28

It is a wonderful site !!!!
I visit it almost every day but I am very sorry that in consulting the individual catalogs there are no prices. Is it possible to have complete catalogs and eventually order through you?
Thanks Manuela

Decochic replied:
Hi Manuela, for the prices you can contact us by email: info@decochic.it!


Written by: Grazia Centrone 2012-05-16

The style I was looking for! thanks


Written by: Francesca 2012-04-28

I met Federica of people and invested me with her passion and her enthusiasm, then the products are better than in photos ... happy to have met you!


Written by: Carolina 2012-04-26

Very kind, helpful, fast.
The goods are well packaged and beautiful.
Excellent service.
Thanks !!!


Written by: Daniela 2012-04-02

I wanted to thank you for your availability. the dessert plates and the bottle of milk that I used to put the lemonade have been very successful and the IB Laursen furniture is amazing, I like it a lot.
Talk to you soon!


Written by: Manuela 2012-03-21

I have just received the goods, all beautiful! I will definitely buy again!


Written by: Daniela 2012-03-08

Courtesy and quality
are the characteristics of this
I will buy again!
thank you



Written by: alessia daoglio 2012-03-06

... all beautiful! but it's too little ...! add a thousand more objects!


Written by: marilena 2012-03-06

and this package has arrived too! in 24 hours !!!! the products are fantastic ... you can finally buy shabby in Italy!


Written by: Eli 2012-03-05

You have acquired a new customer!


Written by: pamela 2012-03-03

Bellissssssimi products, fast service .... I'll be home often here !!!! Pam


Written by: Monica 2012-03-01

Good morning,
your site makes me "shine my eyes" !!!
Congratulations on the brands ... finally I will be able to buy products that before I could only dream about .... and congratulations also for the site, really very chic :)


Written by: Virna 2012-02-23

Really so many compliments! Product ordered yesterday afternoon and this morning already delivered!
There are wonderful products.
I hope more new products will be introduced.
Thank you.


Written by: OC 2012-02-14

Very nice shop and items. Great cordiality on the part of the manager ... we see that there is a lot of LOVE in what she does! Warmly recommended.


Written by: Marilena (Molfetta) 2012-02-13

Congratulations on customer management, availability, patience and seriousness!


Written by: Rossella Benuzzi 2012-02-08

Just discovered, but already in love!


Written by: Claudia 2012-02-03

The shipping was fast and the products are perfect! Thanks to Decochic for the great job! I would place orders every day;)


Written by: marika 2012-01-25

great site, with fast shipping and wonderful interlocutors ..... thank you .... I will certainly make other orders


Written by: Anna 2012-01-24

I received the package and I am very satisfied indeed.
I couldn't hope for better service.
Thanks Federica, see you soon.


Written by: Tresy 2012-01-20

I'm literally in love with your products

Written by: Stefania 2012-01-17

Today "my package" arrived, ordered just 2 days ago! I was so excited to open it ... not to mention the wonders that were inside! Excellent service - Thanks! -


Written by: lina 2012-01-16

I made an order a short time ago ... the fast service and the WONDERFUL article ... I would like to order again hoping however in a greater availability of articles and in the costs of minor markings .... thanks !!!! congratulations!!!


Written by: martina 2012-01-12

I made my second order, arrived in a flash! The pantry is fantastic!
Thanks 1000!


Written by: Patrizia 2011-12-20

This is my second order and I think others will follow because everything is really beautiful. I hope that in the future there will be even more items available. The service is very fast and precise.
Really to recommend!


Written by: Mariangela 2011-12-15

I looked with wide eyes of amazement from the first to the last article. Wonderful!


Written by: Chia 2011-12-05

Congratulations on all your products and professionalism. I am a lover of this style and I must say that there are some very interesting things from you. I bought Ib Laursen's knobs on Friday afternoon and have already arrived Monday morning. Congratulations.


Written by: emanuela of cosmos 2011-12-01

I received lamerce and it's all very fine I look forward to showing them.


Written by: Tamara Vucenovic 2011-11-29

I adore this site. Perfect and chic!


Written by: maria 2011-11-27

You were so fast! You have wonderful objects! FANTASTIC.


Written by: Luisa 2011-11-18

Hi I am Luisa, order placed late Wednesday evening, Friday had already arrived !!
Perfect and very accurate packaging! The dog food box and DELECIOUS.
See you soon.


Written by: nanà 2011-11-15

hello, I'm nanà is a site for my dreamer soul, it's beautiful finally I can find things that I only see published in the newspapers, and buy them compliments


Written by: Valentina 2011-11-08

Product arrived perfect, packed and in a very short time! Impossible to complain !!!
I recommend it for the originality of the products and the seriousness.


Written by: Alice 2011-11-08

All beautiful and very fast, nothing to say. Thanks for your courtesy.


Written by: Virginia 2011-10-19

Three words: seriousness, availability and quality! Decochic is a guarantee! Virginia


Written by: ellen 2011-09-28

everything perfect, super fast shipping. compliments for the selection of products.a soon.elena


Written by: emanuela of cosmos 2011-08-24

beautiful super shipping products


Written by: Chiara 2011-08-19

I never imagined that today my "thirst for novelty" would be restored by your splendid pages. I was looking for a site to do in my case. The reality of my environments will be made unique by your research and creativity. Thanks.


Written by: Maria 2011-07-22

Thanks! Everything is perfect. It occupies a special place in our home. E 'nell'angolino memories of moa daughter Thea that now there is more'.


Written by: Micaela 2011-07-08

Fast shipping, great service and beautiful products! I would say everything perfect!


Written by: martina 2011-06-24

Package arrived in 12 hours, lovely products! I already want to make another order!


Written by: mammachetesta 2011-06-23

I finally opened the package you sent me and it is WONDERFUL!
You can see the photos on my blog http://www.mammachetesta.com
I love everything madly!


Written by: donated 2011-06-06

Great purchases ...
super fast shipping !!!


Written by: Barbara http://mylifecountry.blogspot.com 2011-05-21

Goods arrived after not even 2 days from payment, wonderful things ... I think I will use them again, thanks for the availability


Written by: Maria Rosanna 2011-05-18

Splendid goods, finally even here in Italy !!!
Excellent and punctual service. I advise!