Benlemi is a young company from the Czech Republic founded in 2013.

Benlemi produces furniture made with natural materials that focus on using as much as possible ecological materials and recyclable 100% products made of wicker, solid wood and natural rattan.

We are pleased to offer our customers the Benlemi brand beds on our online shop because they are made only for quality workmanship and treated in detail.
Benlemi uses Finish wood, always carefully chosen and transparent for its quality. Wood carries the FSC "Quality Pass" certification.

These beds are made using only high quality glued pine wood (first grade quality).

Before processing, the raw wood is cut into slats and all imperfections, such as knots, are removed. The wood then goes through a complete drying process.

When the pine lamellas are completely dry, no deformation of the wood, be it twisting, cracks or contractions, can no longer appear and the wood perfectly preserves its original appearance.

The slats are then glued together using a very strong and non-harmful glue. The glued pine wood is then sanded and brushed to obtain a smooth and perfect finish.

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60 results