Done By Deer

Done By Deer is a Danish brand founded in 2014 by designer Helene Hjort.

The Done By Deer creations combine the typical Scandinavian design with a bold use of colors, from pastel tones to more lively ones, to make each single product unique and recognizable. A collection of furnishing accessories, games and modern accessories 100% baby friendly, designed for the everyday life of families.

Zebee, Nozo, Raffi, Antee, Croco and Elphee are the seven little friends born from the imagination of Helene and her team, whose mission is to accompany children in every phase of their growth, stimulating the senses and their imagination , from play to bedtime.

All Done By Deer products are designed and engineered entirely in Denmark and naturally tested to comply with strict European safety standards.

The Danish company's commitment is recognizable in every single detail, from design to the sustainable choice of materials for children, made of wood from FSC (Forest Steward Ship) certified forests, materials obtained from recycled plastic and natural based paints of water.

A philosophy and a vision that made Done By Deer one of the best known manufacturers in the sector of children's items in just a few years.

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